Lecture rooms, laboratories, study and refreshment rooms - Veterinary Medicine - Ozzano Emilia Centre

List of lecture rooms and laboratories used for lessons and practicals. Lists of lecture rooms, laboratories, facilities, study room

The box contains lists of lecture rooms, laboratories, the other facilities and study rooms used for the degree programme, as well as an indication of their size and equipment. There is also a refreshment room for student use.



Reservation System of lecture rooms (only for internal users)

The lecture rooms and laboratories are reserved only by staff of the Vice-Chairmanship.

The spaces must be requested writing to agrariaveterinaria.vpoz.aule@unibo.it

Authorized users can verify the availability of a lecture room/laboratory clicking on its name and entering their credentials (name.surname@unibo.it and password).

Lecture room/laboratoryNo. of seatsNotes
Antonelli 40
Aula 41 20
Borgatti 68
Chiodi 150
Cugnini 34
Diapason 20
E1 42
E2 35
E3 29
E4 32
E5 25 24 microscopes
Falaschini 52
Gherardini 150
Laboratorio Informatico 40 21 pc
Lanfranchi 102
Mensa 52
Messieri 200
Montroni 70

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