The School Offices

Offices for the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine are to be found in the Campuses of Bologna and Cesena, and the Centres at Ozzano dell'Emilia, Imola, and Cesenatico.
Bologna Campus and Imola Centre
Teaching centres for degree programmes in Marketing and Economics of the agro-industrial system, Animal production and wildlife management, Land and agro-forestry Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Ornamental plants and landscape protection, International Horticultural Science, Planning and management of agro-territorial, forest and landscape, Land and agro-forestry Sciences, Agricultural sciences and technologies.
Ozzano dell'Emilia and Cesenatico Centres
Centres for degree programmes in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Biotechnology, Safety and quality in animal production, Aquaculture and fish production hygiene
Cesena Campus
Teaching centre for degree programmes in Food Science and Technology, Food Technology, Viticulture and Enology.